Our mission

The five points of our philosophy



It’s what we offer and how we view our customer




To fix problems and do things in your interest




Experience – its what we offer and what you get




We offer ours, and reward yours




We’ll earn yours and work hard to keep it



Know what our clients have to say about us

“ Daniel's grasp of the specifics of condominium management is sound. His contributions as far as the legalities of sectional title complexes in South Africa have been useful, and the various actions (such as invoicing, payments and statutory requirements) have all been very punctual. I am convinced that his service is good value for our complex, and I have no hesitation in recommending Daniel as an administrator. ”

- Andre Venter - Tzaneen, South Africa

“ Gizelle Davies has handled our condominium administration since 2012, during which time she has provided an efficient and friendly service. Her knowledge, experience and loyalty have been vital in helping to make the difficult transition to our new service providers. I am sure she will continue to bring those qualities to her new company. ”

- Martin Cooper - Praia d'El Rey, Obidos

“ Gizelle Davies is an excellent, client focused condominium administrator. During difficult times at Praia D'El Rey she was very loyal to owners and provided assistance and continuity to ensure that condominium facilities were maintained (and undertook a number of tasks at her own expense). She is reliable and hard working. ”

- Chris Millerchip - USA

“ Our condominium has had Gizelle Davies as manager since April 2012, first as employee of a management company and now with DGI. Her actions improved the finances, the cleanliness and the safety of our condominium considerably. This year the insolvency of our previous management company forced us to choose a new manager, and we the owners appreciate Gizelle's work so much that we joined our votes to keep Gizelle via DGI as our manager. ”

- Annette Schaipp - Praia d'El Rey, Obidos