Our management includes the following services
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  • Preparation and sending of the convocations for AGM’s and EGM’s
  • Preparation of the minutes and Proxy vote forms for the Condominium Assemblies.
  • Preparation and approval of income vs. expenditure related to on-going management of the condominium for the current year.
  • Preparation and approval of the annual budget and the control there of.
  • Presentation of budgets that may be necessary for the repairs or other works to be carried for the conservation of the common areas / condominium.
  • Approval of the Condominium Rules and Regulations when necessary.
  • Drafting and sending of the minutes after each condominium meeting.
  • Implementations of the decisions taken in the Condominium Assembly Meeting.
  • Condominium Representation towards the Administrative & Judicial Authorities.
  • Compliance with the requirement of the existence of Condominium Insurance (Civil Liability and Building).
  • Request insurance certificates of the apartment owners (landlords and tenants). 
  • Save and keep all documents relating to the condominium.
  • Provide copy of the condominiums rules and Regulations to all people living in the building (landlords and tenants).
  • Request tax card with number for the condominium.
  • Proceed with the opening of the condominium bank account (in the name of the Condominium) or maintain the current account only changing the signing powers.
  • Issue and payment reminders for the condominium fees.
  • Issuing receipts for payments received.
  • Preparation of the condominium fees schedules for payment.
  • Payment of the Condominium expenses.
  • Quarterly sending of accounts reports.

Contracts for Services Provided

  • Analysis of potential service providers and consultation of the market.
  • Conclusion of contracts with the service providers.
  • Monitoring and controlling the services contracted.

Control & Verification

  • Weekly visits of the condominium and common areas.
  • Enforcing the rules of the condominium.
  • Mediation of the conflicts with regards to the common parts.
  • Ensure the visibility of the rules concerning the safety of the building and the equipment for common use.
  • Municipal Services – “pressure tests” done if necessary.
  • Verify the maintenance of elevators and obtain proof of the same.
  • Obtain proof of inspection of the fire alarm systems and C02 in the complex.
  • Verify validity of the fire extinguishers and replacement of the same.

Additional Services

Additional services are provided by companies which specialize in their respective fields.
The frequency of these services can vary, based on seasonal requirements or the needs of each Condominium.

  • Cleaning of stairs, paving (where applicable), garages, common areas etc.
  • Gardening.
  • Pool Maintenance.
  • Maintenance (Labour) – Replacement of light bulbs, light fixtures and other small repairs.

On-line Service

Each owner receives a Username and Password to access this service.

  • Obtain regularly updated information.
  • Financial information pertaining to your condominium e.g. balance sheet, bank statements etc.
  • View information related to Fees paid and/or in arrears.
  • Option to submit a repair or support request.

Gestão de Condomínios